About Me

I'm a Research Assistant Professor in Behavioral and Health Economics at the Institute for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH), part of the Washington State University Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. 

I have several interrelated research agendas on exploring the intersection between health and decision-making using rigorous economic analyses.

As a co-investigator on the Community Organizations for Natives: COVID-19 Epidemiology, Research, Testing, and Services (CONCERTS) project, I have several papers on COVID-19, including identifying the Social Determinants of COVID-19 infection, the economic consequences of infection, and how infection affects perceived stress. I am particularly interested in how COVID-19 infection may have gendered effects, both psychologically and on employment. 

I am also the lead author of a study on the cost-efficacy of an RCT food-delivery program for hypertension management in American Indians. In this study, I use ordered logistic regression to identify subgroups of patients for whom treatment is effective, and translate treatment effects into quality adjusted life years (QALYs) as well as explore implications of patient targeting for program sustainability.

On the behavioral side, I am interested in how chronic and acute stress systematically modify decision-making, and how to translate these relationships into improved policy.