Cassandra J Nikolaus, Selisha Johnson, Tia Benally, Tara Maudrie, Austin Henderson, Katie Nelson, Trevor Lane, Valerie Segrest, Gary L Ferguson, Dedra Buchwald, Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, and Ka’imi Sinclair. Food Insecurity Among American Indian and Alaska Native People: A Scoping Review to Inform Future Research and Policy Needs. Advances in Nutrition (2022)
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Alex Meyers, Austin Henderson, Corry McDonald, and Jerrod Keith. Factors Associated with Matching into Surgical Specialties. Journal of Surgical Research 270, 300-312
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Corry McDonald, Austin Henderson, Patrick Barlow, and Jerrod Keith. Assessing the Role of Gender in Choosing a Primary Care Specialty in Medical Students; A Longitudinal Study. Medical Education Online 26, 1 (2021). 
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Austin Henderson, Garrett Thoelen, Amos Nadler, Jorge Barraza, Gideon Nave. Testing the influence of testosterone administration on men’s honesty in a large laboratory experiment. Scientific Reports 8, 11556 (2018).
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Gary Charness, Uri Gneezy, Austin Henderson. Experimental methods: measuring effort in economics experiments. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 149, 74-87 (2018).
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Selected working papers

Austin Henderson, Amber Fyfe-Johnson, Tori Taniguchi, Clemma Muller, Jason Umans, Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, Robert Rosenman. Direct Food Provision for the Management of Hypertension in a Native American Population. Working paper.

Austin Henderson, Amber Fyfe-Johnson, Denise Dillard, Krista Schaefer, Michael Todd, Clemma Muller, Jason Umans, Robert Rosenman. Home Blood Pressure Measurement
in Alaska Natives: an Economic Analysis. Working paper.

Austin Henderson, Azhar Uddin, Richard MacLehose, Spero Manson, Dedra Buchwald. Economic Impact of COVID-19 on American Indian and Alaska Native Patients in
Five Urban Indian Health Care Facilities. Working paper.

Austin Henderson, Richard MacLehose, Spero Manson, Dedra Buchwald. Acute and Chronic Stress in Urban American Indians and Alaska Native Men and Women during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Association with Vaccination and Testing. Working

Austin Henderson. Rewards for Honesty and Punishments for Cheating.
Link here, updated May 15th 2020.

Proposals and pre-analysis plans
Proposals are short 1-2 page documents that might be turned into larger studies. They are fairly rough, but convey the general idea of an experiment and a context in which it could be implemented. If you are interested in collaborating on any proposal, please contact me!

Pre-analysis plan: Austin Henderson and Alex Kellogg. The Effects of Chronic and Acute Stress on Economic Behavior.
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Proposal: Austin Henderson. Using Reputational Incentives to Improve Data Integrity in Public Services.
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Proposal: Austin Henderson. Reducing Absenteeism in Public-Sector Teachers Through Lottery-Style Rewards.
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Proposal: Austin Henderson. Inducing Heat Wave Adaptation in Bihar.
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