Stata code examples

Below are several representative Stata .do files from my published research projects in which I was the sole programmer. 

Austin Henderson, Garrett Thoelen, Amos Nadler, Jorge Barraza, Gideon Nave. Testing the influence of testosterone administration on men’s honesty in a large laboratory experiment. Scientific Reports 8, 11556 (2018).

In this paper, I use multiple parametric and non-parametric techniques to measure treatment effects in an experiment. I also use a fixed-effects model to conduct a meta-analysis, as well as conduct a mediation analysis. 

Here is a link to the Open Science Framework repository, which has both the Stata .do file and the data necessary to replicate all findings. 

Corry McDonald, Austin Henderson, Patrick Barlow, and Jerrod Keith. Assessing the Role of Gender in Choosing a Primary Care Specialty in Medical Students; A Longitudinal Study. Medical Education Online 26, 1 (2021). 

In this paper, I estimate how demographic and educational characteristics of medical students predict their likelihood of entering a primary care specialty using a logistic regression model.

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